“Performance and strength training for artistic sports and stunt athletes is in high demand, due to the complexities of the sport. With TOSS, we created a solution for this core need, because we know how essential this is to high performance! We are passionate about sharing our training methods and experiences, and coaching athletes throughout our careers. We are proud to introduce the first online weight training program inside the partner stunt, cheerleading and artistic scene. TOSS provides a well-rounded, progressive and periodized training system to improve your athleticsm in all areas and gives you individual access to coaches Constantin & Simon. This is intended for individuals who want to progress with the right guidance and focus their energy on actual performance, who want to become stronger, faster, more mobile and more agile!”

Constantin Stalzer

„I started competitive cheerleading, after trying out many sports as a kid such as track & field, breakdance, tennis, BMX, soccer. I was never outstanding but each sport – my coaches, my teammates, and my opposition – taught me a lot about winning, losing and the purpose of a role model athlete. Success is just a matter of having the right purpose, I figured. You have to feel it, you have to love it, everything else comes by itself, and you will figure out your own finesse! As an athlete and as a coach, I was and still am driven learn – from myself and others. I have met, worked alongside, and coached thousands of athletes, which has been the best education tool I could ask for. Now it’s time to give back with TOSS! – PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH – This is what we value, teach and provide with TOSS!

Simon Gavanda

„In the beginning of my American football career I struggled to reach international performance standards. I just wasn’t ready to compete with the body I had. My interest in how to get in the best physical shape possible increased constantly. I started studying sport science and continued my education in strength training. Then began sharing my knowledge by providing training and nutrition plans to football players. Today I am a lecturer for training theory, sports medicine and strength & conditioning, host of coaches clinics and speaker at several sport and science podcasts and conferences. Also, I even started cheerleading a year ago. I have finished my doctoral thesis in sport science, and right now it’s time for TOSS! – PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH – This is what we value, teach and provide with TOSS!“

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