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The social media overdose of the 2020s has kind of ruined it, if you type „how to train right“, „how to get strong“ or „what is the best workout plan?” into Google or Instagram, you will be hit with thousands of templated programs that claim to have the magic trick for you. Not saying that generic and templated fitness programs never work, if you want to stay active and your focus is pure hypertrophy and a good beach look, you are good to go. But even then, people often get bored after a few weeks because the training plan doesn’t offer new input. No variation, no challenges, no fun, no benefits that you see and feel. If the content stays the same so does the progression of the athlete. Without progression and success, every athlete will lose interest and focus at some point.

The vision and mission of TOSS is to create something unique. TOSS is unique when it comes to performance-based training plans for athletes from partner stunting, competitive cheerleading and other artistic sports. A sport-specific weight training programming that meets the requirements, expectations and goals of athletes, coaches and the sport itself. An absolutely unique training methodology to train efficiently with progress and enjoyment.

People also often mistake the difference between physical effort and true intensity when working out. Sweating doesn’t mean you have worked out efficiently and being in the gym working out doesn’t mean anything. Your training needs to fit the movement patterns, muscle groups, intensities and other similarities of your sport that you want to get better. Artistic sports are very specific, so does your goals and expectations about yourself. And that’s why all of our TOSS training modules are structured sport-specifically on your training purpose. TOSS will boost your stunt-artistic performance all the way to the top!

We are not here to tell you what’s right and wrong but to highlight the importance of your training plan matching your sport background, sport-specific skills and your goals. TOSS is providing everything the athlete needs to know and train for, to be succesful in artistic sports.

We recommend to download our free 1-week TOSS training plan to get a first impression, how a typical TOSS training week looks like. You will feel the difference, you will have a satisfied feeling after every practice because you know how and why you worked out. All of your workout efforts will transfer into your stunt performance, body awareness and body composition that will push you to the next level.


Bodybuilding and pure hypertrophy are good, but it won’t fulfil the needs and expectation of an athlete, who is aiming for peak performance in his/her sport rather than big muscles. Hypertrophy is a big part of the game but you and your body need to understand – and hopefully you are also curious to know…

How to use your muscles and your body for your sport?! 

That every muscles needs to adapt to movement! 

That muscles need to create a connection to your brain to function the way it should!

The answer to these questions is … a training plan that includes and combines all the different facets of the specific sport, in order to improve an athlete with the best performance qualities to achieve next-level results. Also, the major goal of every athlete is to be and stay in the best form possible, mentally and physically as long as possible. Meaning you must be physically strong, stay injury- and pain-free to be and train at your full capacity. That is the mindset, you should follow and internalize. And that’s what TOSS provides and where TOSS comes into play!


Besides the guides of Constantin & Simon, the TOSS training plans and our included training manual, we want to explain our Know-How’s and Know-Why’s. We will teach you HOW to train, HOW to warm up correctly, HOW to prepare before training, HOW to execute, and much more. But even more importantly, we want to emphasize WHY weight training is crucial, WHY following a training plan is beneficial, WHY so many athletes often train inefficiently and WHY our TOSS training concept is the perfect-fit for athletes coming from partner stunting, competitive cheerleading and other artistic sports.

It is our goal to make you understand the science behind our TOSS training philosophy and program methods, so we can create your success story together! 

You have to fall in love with the process, you have to love the process of progress to educate yourself while training. This will make the difference! Only then can you understand the techniques, mechanics, feelings, movements and functions of your body. Then, you can attain excellence in your artistic sport and adjust to the requirements of a high level athlete! 

It is easier to fully focus on your training and your goals, if you have a purpose. So, make sure, you have and know your purpose!


While TOSS offers the best tools for achieving artistic sport performance results, keep in mind…

  • YOU have to put the training plan into practice!
  • YOU have to be the training plan’s best friend!
  • YOU have to rock your training on good & bad days!
  • NO coach in the world can do the workout for you!
  • NO training plan in the world can do the work for you!
  • NOBODY in the world can achieve your goals for you!
  • DON’T look for magic tricks, because there is no easy way out!


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