TOSS is an online coaching weight training program specialized for partner stunting and artistic sports. You can order all available TOSS training plans online via After purchasing, you will receive an email confirmation with order details. At the same time you will receive our TOSS welcome e-mail with your training manual, all training plans, access to your personal account to see all tutorials and information about the welcome chat with Simon and Constantin via Zoom (optional) to introduce TOSS to you and answer all your questions.

TOSS is a specialized weight training program designed for male and female athletes coming from partner stunting, competitive cheerleading, sports acrobatics and other artistic backgrounds. It’s a performance-based weight training program with instructions and video demonstration to help you work out efficiently, transferring your workout efforts to a better artistic stunt performance.

  • A fully structured 16-week training plan with a progressing and periodized system
  • The TOSS training manual with information about the structure, handling and general details within your new training program
  • Welcoming & Introductory video chat with Constantin & Simon via Zoom
  • Access to video tutorials for every exercise within your TOSS training plan module, demonstrated by Constantin and Simon
  • Online coaching & mentoring by Constantin & Simon

ESSENTIAL focuses on building your strength foundation. You will learn and perfect free weight training and functional strength. Building muscle and getting stronger for your long-term success is the number one goal here.

PROGRESS targets learning and mastering specific barbell strength, Olympic lifts and power exercising on a solid foundation. Improving strength and power capabilities.

PEAK specializes on maximizing your strength levels, Olympic lifts and conditioning level. Power and speed-strength exercising build major component.

Success and results are a matter of choice starting with your mindset. Be excited about professional support and guidance throughout but instead of dreaming for success, start working for it and together we will achieve your personal next level results.

Yes, of course! After your purchase, you receive your login data, general information and a step-by-step guide by email. Also, you can book a welcoming talk with Constantin & Simon to get you ready for training and talk about your goals (optional).

We are currently working on it! German and even more languages are on the to-do list as well. Our goal and vision is to provide training and build a TOSS community worldwide, that is the reason we have launched the english language version first.

Our TOSS training plans consist of functional movements, Olympic weightlifting, strength-building, hypertrophy, accessory work and injury prevention to improve your overall artistic performance and athletic abilities. Get ready to dive deep into the world of performance training with TOSS! You will learn a lot of new exercises, techniques, movement patterns, and workout intensities by paying attention on sport-specific weight training plan.

We recommend 2-3 training sessions per week for all TOSS programs, regardless of which training plan you choose. Make sure to can and want to invest at least 4-6 hours of weekly training. The intensity, complexity and duration vary. 

For example, our training plan PEAK is set to have 3-4 workouts per week. The 4th workout and training day is optional but recommended. Designed with a shorter workout duration, so if you have a busy week and limited time, you can a) replace the training day 1-3 with the conditioning workout or you can b) add the workout to training days 1-3.

Training duration varies between our three training plans, but the average workout time is 60-120 minutes.

Warm up routines are provided. We have five warm up routines with 11 exercise each, that will get your body primed for the workout. Dynamic stretches, balance movements, mobility, prehab and PVC work are included. Every routine is demonstrated in the tutorial section with a 20 seconds on / 10 seconds off circuit training. Keep your own individual needs in mind and feel free to alter the warmups to fit your body.

ESSENTIAL is designed for athletes who are new to weight training and want to build a foundation for long-term success. Learning all weight training principles from scratch. PROGRESS is created for athletes who are already working out but want to train more efficiently with a more performance-based plan, specifically geared toward partner stunting and artistic sports. Improving strength and power capabilities all around. The third module is PEAK, created for athletes with more than two years of extensive weight training experience, who are interested to focus on Olympic weightlifting, higher intensity workouts, and want to upgrade their maximal strength and speed numbers by following a more complex training plan.

In that case, the ESSENTIAL training plan is ideal for you. This is the perfect plan to teach you the most important things in and about weight training and working out. You will be introduced into all basic movements with specific drills and clear instructions. You will learn quickly and get a feeling for movements and skill execution as well as get stronger, more agile, and improve your performance.

The ESSENTIAL program doesn’t require any experience, as it is our training plan for fitness newcomers and athletes, who are interested in starting weight training or just began. For our training modules PROGRESS & PEAK, we recommend having previous stunting experience or existing skills in acrobatics as well as in lifting weights, dumbbell work and barbell exercising.

The TOSS video library includes a wide selection of exercises, from bodyweight to banded exercises, lots of barbell work and stunt-artistic specifics. We recommend having a barbell including weight plates (100-150 kg/200-300 lbs), dumbbells or kettlebells (10-30 kg/20-60 lbs), resistance bands and a PVC stick available. Training from home, YES! – Training with less or no equipment, NO!

If you are an artistic sport athlete with performance goals and a desire for advancing in your sport, then TOSS is a great fit for you. If you are interested in the body, in performance, or learning how to train smart, then TOSS will be your new best friend – we promise!

Every TOSS training module include access to our video library. Every exercise has a video tutorial and written guide with clear instructions on execution. Whichever TOSS training module you choose, you will have a tutorial on every exercise within your training plan.

Every TOSS module provides an online coaching support and access to our exercising tutorials within the 12 month membership. The training plan and introductory manual are sent as .pdf and are yours to keep and use forever. The purchase is a one-time payment and the contract will be 12 months long, giving you access to the membership area within this period. After one year, your account will be archived unless you decide to move on to another section of TOSS. 

We don’t have strict rules of regulations, but we recommend TOSS to teenagers and junior athletes as young as 15 years old, not younger.

For further details, email us via or check out our Instagram channel for more insider information.

More questions? Contact us via – we have got you covered! We will respond to messages within 24 hours.


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